Thursday, 27 June 2013

Choosing The Best Padded Sports Shirts

By Lila Barry

For most contact sports, there are requirements for protective clothing to be worn so as to protect the players from sustaining injuries that could damage their internal organs. In sports such as rugby, it is a very physical sport with players making a lot of contact with other players. It is therefore essential that the players are completely protected. One way of ensuring that they are well protected could be by providing them with padded sports shirts.

Such clothes offer protection to both the shoulder and the sternum areas. They are made from nylon which is stretchy and allows the skin to breathe during the game. The material should also not lead to the player overheating mid-game.

Shoulder guards are involved inside the jerseys that make sure that the shoulders are protected well and that includes the upper part of the back is also protected. These shoulder areas are made of a high density material. The guards are designed in such a way that they look like they could be able to fit their bodies well, hence ensuring that they are safe playing with them.

Good padded shirts should be made tough and hence not subject to tears or rips during field events. This would ensure that they would last for long as they will be durable. It should also be made from recycled material so as to reduce the cost associated with buying new ones.

There are many considerations to be made when looking for the padded jerseys to purchase. The material that is used to make the shirt should be considered, it should be strong and able to last long. This would ensure that the tops would not be torn while inside the game. It also does not have to hold sweat inside it as this would be uncomfortable to the player. It should absorb the sweat well thus allowing the skin to breathe.

The cost of the shirt should be determined before making the purchase. One ought to go for what they can comfortably afford. If one had a budget for the purchase of these clothes it would be advisable to go for those that are within the limits of the budget. The price of the clothing should be determined by its quality and brand.

Searching on the internet for the available field top in the market would also assist in getting the best padded tops in the market. One may compare the various brands available to get the best one in terms of material, quality, price and availability. One would also be in a position to get many designs to choose from. Online reviews could also prove to be helpful in finding the best stores to buy these merchandise from. One may also get recommendations from friends and relatives who have purchased such sports items before.

Advantages of purchasing and using padded sports shirts are numerous. They protect them from picking injuries stemming from tackles and the hard bangs their bodies receive during their games. The padded cells usually offer protection to the different body regions such as the shoulders, the ribs and forearms. They have a great moisture management system in the different weather conditions. They are important in sports as they prevent the players from sustaining serious injuries that may out their lives in danger.

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