Saturday, 29 June 2013

I Like The Dutch Style Bike For Around Town

By Roger Hammer

I have been doing a little bit of research on purchasing a dutch bike in Calgary. Their aren't that many shops that possess a decent assortment of Dutch Style bikes as the bigger shops either seem centered on road or mountain bikes. Not exactly finding precisely what I wanted in the bigger shops that I usually visit, I made use of Google to start looking at the different models and brands out there.

My basis for purchasing a Dutch bike would be to have a good bike to ride out and about. Which is the real value with the Dutch bike from my perspective. The upright riding position, comfortable saddle and just relaxed style generally seems right for cruising to the cafe.

The first bike that really grabbed my attention was the Brooklyn Cruiser single speed called the Bedford. Thinking about the way in which I am likely to make use of the Dutch bike along with the sort of riding that I ought to be able to use it for, I am thinking the single speed Dutchie will likely be all that I need.

The Brooklyn Cruiser website rambles on about this being the perfect ride for many kinds of people. Perfectly suited for peddling around the bicycle paths, commuting to work, delivering newspapers or more simple needs like mine. An ideal steed for a little free spirited cruising or simply heading out to get an espresso.

My current collection of bikes are all about speed on the road and conquering obstacles on the trails. The sweeping bars and comfort of the Dutch bikes is something that I my collection is missing.

The Linus Roadster Classic could be the other Dutch style bike that I really like. It is also a single speed but has a little sportier appearance and feel compared to unit from Brooklyn Cruiser. Linus describes it is as elegant bicycle in the purest form. Stripped down, clean and profile inspired by the bikes of the past. I enjoy that and I agree with their description. It has a minimalist look and feel to it for sure.

While narrowing my search to these two online, I was also able to find a nearby boutique shop in Calgary that carries a full-line of Dutch bikes and commuter accessories. After having undergone this online process with nearly each and every bike that I've ever owned, I realize that I will likely not have the ability to come to a decision until I can touch, feel and ride the bike to determine the one that's appropriate for me.

BikeBike is the place to go in Calgary for Dutch Bikes, Cargo bikes and, like I said, anything that you might need for commuting or recreational urban cycling. I recommend you check them out.

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