Monday, 27 May 2013

Getting Discounts On Vet Services

By Tisha Greer

Good vet services should not be expensive. No pet should have to with go receiving proper medical care simply because their owner can't afford the cost. Most vets are all too willing to give discounts for certain services, pet owners just have to know how to get them.

Price comparison is one of the easiest and best ways to find discounts. Try a local phone book or an internet search to finding listings for all vets in your local area. Next, you just have to start making phone calls. Ask about any possible discounts they might offer for those looking for vet care. Military discounts, students discounts and even multiple pet discounts are all commonly available to those who ask.

If you don't want to switch to a new clinic and simply want a cheaper price on pet care, the best approach is to just come out an ask for one. By informing your current vet that you may have to start taking your pets to a different clinic due to their pricing, many are more than willing to offer up discounted services in order to keep you as a customer.

Payment plans are an alternative option if no discount will be given. Many vet clinics can set up a monthly payment plan for services that are more expensive than routine care. If this isn't an option, however, some are happy to discount the total price of the procedure for you if you will pay the bill in full on the day of service.

Working for services is another option. Ask about volunteering around the clinic in exchange for certain types of care. Perhaps cleaning the cages once a week could be exchanged for free monthly free treatments or routine grooming. Surprisingly, many vets are willing to enter into this type of deal as it allows them to get some extra help around the clinic without having to pay another full time employee.

Bartering is also a useful method for obtaining vet care. People have traded everything from lawn services to business services to food items for pet medical care. It doesn't matter what type of skills you might have, an agreeable arrangement can usually be made for an equal trade.

If all else fails, plan routine care procedures around seasonal discounts. Certain months are set aside for awareness of specific issues and these are the times that vet clinics usually discount related services. One month might be heart worm prevention awareness and heart worm medicine will be discounted. Stock up during the sale and get enough to last until the next year.

There are several different methods for getting discounts on vet services. One method might not work for some so it is best to try them all until you find one that does. Surprisingly, people often find that all they really needed to do was talk to their vet about cost and they vet is happy to help them out. Veterinarians are usually pretty compassionate individuals and would rather discount their prices than see an animal go without proper medical care.

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