Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Rise of Non-Invasive Procedures

By Brentz Walker

Non-invasive procedures have been rising lately according to statistics. Surgeries like breast augmentations and tummy tucks remain popular, but procedures that do not involve going under the knife are rapidly gaining in popularity. In cosmetic surgery, non-invasive procedures are typically performed via injection or laser. There are many causes of the acceleration.

You have two choices with cosmetic surgery. You can hide away till the healing is done. Or, your second option is that someone you know will see you in the healing process with a bruise, a bandage or some other sign. You could keep it a secret from all, but it usually is not the best idea.

When a non-invasive procedure is done with expert care, usually no one can notice it afterward. Your friends may notice something unusual, but will not be able to say exactly what's different about you. It is a great reason to choose a more discrete and non-invasive procedure.

Most of us do not have time to recuperate in private. The idea that you can schedule a non-invasive procedure on a Friday afternoon and return to work on Monday is extremely appealing. In fact, the convenience factor is huge when comparing non-invasive procedures to standard cosmetic surgeries. A quick Botox on one's lunch hour, however, has wide-spread appeal for both men and women. Using your vacation time to heal from a more serious surgery is not the best option for many, and they would rather heal up in a day or 2 at home on their days off after a laser treatment.

One can not have any procedure done without a measure of risk, even if it's tiny. Of the risks involved, the largest is with the general anesthesia that is used. It can cause severe and adverse reactions in some patients. Waivers need to be signed when this is used. One can eliminate the risk associated with general anesthesia by having a simple procedure done that is non-invasive in nature.

The recent slowdown in the economy has had a negative impact on major cosmetic surgeries and at the same time, non-invasive procedures have been steadily increasing. Basically, it's cheaper to have a non-invasive procedure. Health insurance does not generally cover cosmetic procedures; they are regarded as an elective procedure. As these are rather costly, a lot of people take time and save their money, but in these tougher times, many are deciding to keep it for more important things.

On the other hand, having a non-invasive procedure will cost much less. The results of 10 minutes of Botox can make a patient just as happy as a face lift, but for much less money. It makes sense to have a non-invasive procedure when money is tight, as it's effective and works well.

The results of many non-invasive procedures are just as stunning as their surgical counterparts. Having a procedure such as these is the result of a desire to look more youthful and to be more attractive. For those who would like to get rid of unsightly lines on their forehead or want some hair added, great benefits can be gained from a non-invasive procedure. Non-invasive procedures require much less risk, no general anesthesia, and can be performed in as little as 10 minutes. Many times you can even return to work. The idea of achieving comparable results for less money, less downtime and less risk is appealing on so many levels to so many people. This has led, of course, to the rise in popularity of many non-invasive, cosmetic procedures.

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