Monday, 15 July 2013

Clodronate Liposome And The Importance Of Its Discovery

By Roxanne Cruz

Perhaps medical science is the best industry in science because of the it made possible the inventions and discoveries that was once only imagined. Different solutions were found to cure different diseases acquired from viruses and bacteria. For example, thousands of residents died because yellow fever has got no medicine. But overtime, because of these hard working discoverers, vaccine for the fever was invented. Clodronate liposome is surely one of discoveries that is going to play a significant role in medicine industry.

Clodronate disodium or clodronic acid, or known commonly as clodronate is the first generation of bisphosphonate without nitrogen. It is a medicine and is approved to be used for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis cases to women who are at their post menopausal stage. It is also said to deplete macrophages.

Macrophages are white blood cells found inside the tissue. They produced through the division of white blood cells that was formed in the spleen and bone marrow or monocytes. They eat foreign and cell particles after its formation. Macrophage is said to be the core of the immune system.

Liposomes, in cell biology, are the microscopic sac that are composed of fatty liquids. They are used in the experimental research of the cell. It can be supplied with drugs used in curing cancer and other diseases. It usually contained of liquid solutions and composed of phospholipids.

Science discovered clodronate liposome acts for the suppression of the macrophage. Indeed immune system defends the invasion of infectious viruses and bacteria. Through immune response, it will attack the invaders that will cause diseases to the organ or body. However, the immune system can be the source of disease in the body.

In natural circumstances, the healthy immune system will cope diseases up like coughs and colds. In the contrary, the damaged system will attack every cells it will eat each particles, both the healthy and damaged. When this doom happens, severe illnesses will take place affecting the body from functioning well.

Immune response does protect the body from invasion of the infectious organisms. But damages will also happen in the body when the transplant was rejected leading to the autoimmune condition. Transplant rejection is the side effect of the immune response. When a new organ is placed on the patient, cells will automatically work against forcefully to the organ cells. It will soon result to transplant rejection.

Medical people discovered a certain drug that will treat and cure cases like those. This is made of bisphosphonate the will lessen macrophage. It will be transplanted to the organ cell and as soon as it detected that it is foreign, it will automatically cover the whole transplant up and try to eat them through the so called phagocytosis.

Clodronate liposome is said to treat cancer through the increase absorption of plasma. It also improves the effects of anti tumor drugs to treat cancer. Even if this discovery is really fascinating, consult the medical doctor first before deciding to take this drug. This is for your safety, after all.

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