Monday, 10 June 2013

Local Findlay OH Podiatrist Offers Foot And Ankle Health Tips

By Kenya Saab

Many foot complaints are avoidable if people take the right precautions. Those that do develop can often be easily resolved if addressed in their early stages. A Findlay podiatrist offers the following tips to keep feet healthy, attractive and pain-free.

Wear shoes designed for the activity you are engaging in. If you plan to participate in a sport or other form of exercise, put on the right kind of protective footwear. Running shoes should not be worn for scrambling over rough terrain. Injuries such as tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and sprains are often due to inadequate cushioning, tread or ankle support.

Limit time spent in uncomfortable fashion footwear. Wearing shoes with high heels, pointy toes and a narrow fit can lead to calluses, blisters, bunions and metatarsalgia. Glamorous shoes are often a cause of ankle injuries, especially in situations involving drinking and dancing. When out on the town in killer heels, always carry a spare pair of comfy flats.

Trim toenails straight across the top. Use a nail clipper and do not cut below the nail bed or down the sides. Ingrown toenails often result from attempts to trim the nail into a rounded shape. Fungal infections can set in if the nail is cut too short. Diabetics and people with poor circulation should have their toenails cut by a health care professional.

Inspect your feet for signs of disease. Thickened, yellowed or crumbling toenails could be caused by a fungal infection called onychomycosis. Moist, cracked skin between the toes or flaky, scaly soles of the feet are symptoms of athlete's foot. Red swellings on the toes or sides of the feet could develop into painful corns or bunions.

The Findlay podiatrist encourages anyone with a suspected foot or ankle problem to seek immediate medical attention. Home remedies are generally ineffective and may even make the condition worse. Minor foot injuries, infections or abnormalities can progress into serious disorders.

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