Friday, 24 May 2013

Get fit and lose fat doing kettlebell workouts

By Chris Rivers

Kettlebell workouts have been around for a long time, and in many ways they are a lot better than conventional dumbbells. They may not seem all that different from most traditional weights, but they are actually better for certain exercises. This is largely due to the design of the kettlebells themselves, not to mention how they were traditionally used.

The cardiovascular aspect comes from the speed of repetitions that one is able to do and the continuous movements doing kettlebell workouts.

Another important feature of kettlebell workouts is that they help your body absorb shock critically. This is one of the reasons why athletes as well as martial artists often include kettlebell exercises in their daily workout.

This is particularly true with regards to wrestling, football, martial arts and most types of contact sports. Because of these benefits, kettlebells are usually used for ballistic exercises. However, these weights can also be used for Bent Presses and Windmills.

Another exercise you can add to a swing routine is the dead lift. This is similar to a barbell dead lift, but is less dangerous and is just as beneficial if not more beneficial aerobically. Start with your kettlebell between your legs and squat down. Make sure your core and knees are engaged and lift yourself up so you are standing up straight again.

Another great thing about kettlebell workouts is that they are very effective in building muscles which are essential to weight loss. The more toned lean muscle you have in your body the faster you can burn fat. It's really is the best of both worlds in regard to fitness as you get a cardio and weights workout all in one.

Consider for a moment your leg's stabilizer muscles. By using kettle bells, they will force you to rely on these muscles to maintain balance. This also results in improving the muscles in your arms, abs and glutes. So if you can add a set of kettlebell ballistics exercises to complement what you're used to doing then you'll have a great body in no time.

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