Monday, 10 June 2013

What is Holding You Back from Dropping Pounds?

By Vito La Fata

Have you tried to lose weight but have found it difficult or even impossible? There are many things that can keep you from losing weight. Sometimes it is hard to uncover what those things are. They can be any of a number of different things.

Did you know that dealing with modern type stresses such as being unable to pay your mortgage can cause your body to release the same kind of chemicals that are released when you are in danger of starving to death or freezing to death? What this does is to tell your body that you need to hold onto fat in order to be as safe as possible. If you do not approach weight loss from the inside, you may miss those threats that affect you mentally and emotionally that keep you from losing weight.

Fear of Scarcity: When you spend your time in fear that you don't have enough money then you send a message to your body that resources are limited. The only resource that your body recognizes is food- and storing fat is how your body saves up.

Emotional Obesity: At a subconscious level you may have the association that being fat makes you feel safer, or that it is serving another emotional need. In this case your body is simply trying to protect you; it is making you feel safer emotionally.

Mental Starvation: Though your body only recognizes physical starvation, you can also be suffering from emotional or mental starvation. This could be a desire for love, joy, fun, intimacy, or a deeper spiritual connection. Any mental or emotional longing can send the same chemical signals in your brain that physical starvation causes.

Dysfunctional Beliefs: If you believe that you were meant to be fat, or deserve to be fat, or if you view weight loss as impossible, then your body will obey by refusing to lose weight. Change your dysfunctional beliefs first and then weight loss will become simple.

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