Monday, 24 June 2013

Are Meal Replacements Effective?

By Vito La Fata

If you are wanting to lose weight, you may be wondering about meal replacers and if they can help you. A meal replacer can be things like beverages, shelf stable products, frozen dinners, and even breakfast cereals. These products are things that contain a full array of nutrition and can be eaten as the only source of energy for an entire meal.

One concern that some people have is wondering if by using a meal replacer, if they will be more hungry-after all, you will be consuming fewer calories. The worry is that those calories will simply work their way back into your diet at some point during the day. But usually this is a concern: you may, in fact, find that you actually get used to having a smaller calorie consumption at that particular meal.

Another way that using meal replacements may help you is by giving you a picture of a smaller meal to carry around in your mind. It may be that simply thinking about a smaller meal may help you to eat more slowly and pay more attention to your feelings of fullness.

There are some important things to keep in mind when choosing a meal replacer. To begin with is the issue of where to actually purchase these products. Usually you can find them at your favorite grocery store. Next is the calorie count: be sure that the replacement that you choose has around 200 to 300 calories in it. And be sure to read the ingredients to make sure there is not a lot of sugar in it.

If you have some medical issues that you are currently dealing with, it is advised to talk to your health care practitioner about using a meal replacer. He will want to know what your plans are and how you plan to work the meal replacer into your overall nutrition plan.

Many people like to replace one meal per day with a meal replacer. This is a healthy way to use a meal replacer and you can continue doing this indefinitely. However, if you plan on using a replacer for more than one meal per day, ask your doctor or fitness professional to find out how long it is safe to do so.

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